12 Years a Slave

I can’t say that I like reading but there have been some books that I have really enjoyed. 12 Years a Slave isn’t one of them. I don’t understand what is going on and no matter what I do it doesn’t seem to help. I’ve tried listening to it instead of reading myself, I’ve written annotations to help and I have talked with my group to help comprehend the story but for some reason I just can’t do it myself. I’m sure this is a great book but what we have read so far I don’t understand and it is very frustrating.



Ohio Weather

I can’t say that I love ohio weather, actually I hate it. I mean don’t get me wrong I love summer and I don’t even mind the winter with all the snow but when it goes up and down every other week. I just think it is so annoying like if it is going to be cold then stay cold and snow so that we can have a snow day. And once it’s been cold and gets warm again why can’t it just stay warm? I don’t know maybe I should just moved, even though I’m only 17 and don’t have a job. So hopefully when I go off to college I go somewhere that the weather doesn’t change very much.

A Thousand Rules

In class we listened to everyone’s favorite poems they read that day had picked out words that stuck out, this is the poem I made from the words that I heard.

Forbidding a thousand rules is cruel. Razors kiss the abused which is why we have a thousand rules. Nooses give which let us live and layers of string can consume you. The flesh you have is all you get but what is on your dark side? You can fly to the dead stars in the sky but will that bring your soul happiness? Your dark side is what you love but you only let me see what you want me to. I want to see the rest. Why do we all have a thousand rules?

How important is English?

I get it English is important. We learn how to talk before we are one but is the stuff we really learn about as we get into high school really going to stay with us for the rest of our lives? I don’t think so but I understand why we have to learn it. But some of the stuff is just agonizing to learn about, like commas or analyzing poems. There has to be an easier way to learn this stuff, like why do teachers make it so hard to understand. It’s probably not the teachers and maybe it is just me but English is just not my subject and I don’t enjoy all of the grammar things we do or analyzing the poems.


The word I picked to put on my rock was happy. I picked this word to symbolize happiness and that is what I want to focus on in 2017. I want to work on myself and not focus so much on other people. This word will cause me to work on school but make sure to take some time off, and work on sports but not be to committed to them. The word happy is going to be a change from 2016 because it is not that I wasn’t happy, I just want to focus on myself more.

Christmas Traditions

Christmas is suppose to be the happiest time of the year, right? It’s actually a fact that people are more likely to commit suicide during the holidays. And I can understand it because the holidays, especially Christmas can be very stressful. Although I wish it wasn’t a fact that suicides are more likely I think people need to become aware of it. So maybe next time it gets around the holidays people think about others and how much they could be going through.

Instead of talking about suicide I’d rather talk about my favorite Christmas tradition. Which is Christmas eve when my whole entire family goes to church, eats Christmas dinner and then we open all of your gifts from our aunts, uncles and grandparents. I really do not like going to church because we are catholic and the masses are so long and since we don’t go to church often I really don’t know what is going on, but all of my cousins goof around and we make it fun. Dinner is definitely a great part of the day because everyone is so hungry and we never get to eat huge family dinner except during the holidays. Opening the presents is by far the best part of the night because you are getting gifts, who doesn’t love gifts? It is just a great time to be with my whole family and being together when everyone is “suppose” to be happy.

“Christmas Lights” by Anthony Quintano copyright protected under


Campus Ciaos

A few days ago there was an Ohio State student that came was going to class and crashed his car in to a couple of other students and got out a knife and started stabbing people. Luckily there was an officer on site that shot the suspect. They believe that this was an act of terror because right before he committed the crime he posted America hate on his social media. But many think it was wrong for the officer to shot the suspect. I personally think he did the right thing and is a hero. He saved many students lives. When Abdul Razak Ali Artan the suspect attacked the campus, immediately the administrators set out a buckeye alert telling the students to stay inside and that something bad is going on and to protect themselves. By doing this is shows how much the campus cares about there students which is obviously a good thing.


“Birthplace of Champions” By Always Shooting is copyright protected under