What surprised me in Their eyes were watching God

Something that surprised me is that Janie was with Joe for such a long time. I understand that marriage back then no one really got divorced but she had no problem leaving Logan so fast. Why would she spend twenty years with someone that she doesn’t care for and treats her so badly. Janie had an AHA moment where she realized that Joe doesn’t care about her opinion and is only married to her because he felt like he could change her and was bettering her, not because he loved her. So why didn’t she leave him then? It’s not like his feelings will ever change for her or that her opinion will ever start to matter to him so why can’t she just leave him like she did Logan. I understand that when she left Logan she had someone else to go with and she doesn’t have that with Joe but she was unhappy with Logan and it feels like she is more unhappy with Joe so why doesn’t she stand up for herself. I will say that when Joe starts to get sick Janie starts to stand up for herself and speak her mind because she feels like Joe can’t fight back. I dislike Joe because he treats Janie like a child but if they would’ve just had some communication I think there marriage could’ve worked. One other thing that surprised me was that the town cared so much that Janie was moving on to another man after Joe’s death. I don’t think they have a right to tell her she shouldn’t be with another man because her husband is already dead, he isn’t coming back so don’t they want Janie to find happiness again? Maybe they want Janie to find happiness with someone who is more like Joe instead of Tea Cake because they are nothing alike and Tea Cake treats Janie much better than Joe did and the town doesn’t like seeing her a different kind of happy.


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