I don’t know if I want to go to prom this year. I went last year at my old school and don’t get me wrong it’s fun but it is so much work. I have to go find a dress that I actually like and I’m so picky. I have to actually get asked. The day of I’d have to go get my hair done and my makeup because I for sure couldn’t do it myself. It cost so much money and I just don’t know if it’s worth it this year. I also don’t know who would go in my group if I went. I’m new, I really don’t have that many friends that I’m that close with.


4 thoughts on “Prom”

  1. you should totally go to prom! Im very picky too when it comes to dresses but actually went to Macy’s and found a dress for $60 ask them if they have any that are about to be sent back they are cheap! practice your hair and make up ive always done my own andyou seem super cool I’m sure you’ll make friends just be you 🙂


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